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Our Approach

Everything we do at Manage your building with Insight! is guided by our adherence to the important values and unique features we offer customers. They are essential, considered to be the DNA of our company, and all employees use these as guiding principles in order to deliver quality service for all. We’re proud to offer Exclusive Acreage Properties , Personal Treatment , and 1000 Transactions per year .


Create awareness and manage performance contracts with real-time insight!

The quality of indoor Air influences our alertness and therefor also productivity. Since cost of employees are high, on average >$2.500 /m2 imagine what will happen to your bottomline result if you can simply improve productivity with 1%!


Limit your CO2-footprint with real-time insight!

Do all investments you made in making your building more energy efficient pay off? Or are settings of your HVAC-machines not correct and is cooling and heating not working properly? Can you rely on the data that comes from the BuildingMaintenanceSystem? The butcher that checks it's own meat? On average 10-15% savings can be made easy with the right insight.


Optimize use of m2 in your buildings!

Do your employees waste a lot of time by searching a free desk or a meeting room! Do you rent extra m2 while there's sufficient place in your own building!

Why Choose Us: Why Choose Us
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